Google Project Tango smartphones heading to space

Google is no stranger to having some of its devices up in space, what with the Nexus S and One each taking on different missions in years past. Up next: Project Tango. The search giant’s smartphone, which packs 3D sensors that allow it to track and map just about anything around it, has been playing

Top insurance companies in united state (US)

Listed below are the top 50 insurance policy providers and best insurance companies in the United States ranked by total assets. Metlife is the largest insurance policy provider in America and one of the largest insurers in the world with over 90 million clients around the world. The company offers a wide array of insurance

I phone 6 Release date and Price with new improved features

There is no question that the iPhone 6 is going to be crucial to the future of The Apple Company. The iPhone continues to be the leading product of the technology producer, and after motivating sales numbers launched during its last financial review, the Apple Company will be looking for the iPhone 6 to shift

Interesting Facts about the Great Wall of China

The great Wall China, well-known name for a semi-legendary wall designed to secure China’s north boundary in the 3rd century bc, and for amazing rock and earthen fortifications designed along a different north boundary in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth centuries ad, long after the historical framework had mostly vanished. Remains (Ruins) of the later wall

4 Cobras Protect Sleeping Baby

Are these cobras really protecting a sleeping baby or are they being charmed by a snake charmer? Some people are commenting how these snakes have been neutralized somehow by having their fangs removed and their mouths actually sewn shut! Cobras Guarding a Sleeping Baby Poor snakes? Poor baby? I’m not sure if this is some

Live: Malaysian Airlines MH-17 Crash Images, pictures

Malaysian Airlines MH-17 has crashed and all 295 passengers on-board have died. Reports have come out that the plane was possibly shot down by a missile. Here are images of MH-17 crash. This page will be constantly updated as more reports and images come in.        

A Plant That Actually Eats Heavy Metal Has Recently Been Discovered In Philippine

Evolving of plants has seen them exclude any type of metal from their surroundings. The Rinorea Niccolifera however, is not like most plants. It was discovered in the Philippine jungles; this plant can amass up to 18,000 ppm of metal in its roots and leaves and not get poisoned. This is like 100 to 1000

1971: Space mission ends in tragedy

Three Russian cosmonauts were found dead in their Soyuz 11 space capsule after it made what looked like a perfect landing in Kazakhstan.   Three Russian cosmonauts have been found dead in their space capsule after it made what looked like a perfect landing in Kazakhstan. Lieutenant-Colonel Georgi Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov and Viktor Patsayev were

Facts about Space ship that travels faster than light!

Washington: Imagine a space ship travelling faster than the speed of light. NASA scientists are working on a space ship that, if completed, will travel faster than speed of light – a concept inspired straight from Hollywood sci-fi movie “Star Trek”. NASA scientists Harold White and Mark Rademaker are working on the design of a

interesting facts about Colombia

Colombia is found in the Northwestern region of South America. It also remains to be the 26th biggest country on the planet Earth. This nation likewise comprises of the second biggest Spanish talking populace (after Mexico) on the planet. There are many interesting facts, which you can get a flash of, right here! In this