10 interesting facts about new zealand

New Zealand can be found in the South Pacific Ocean, south east of Australia.

New Zealand is made up of two primary isles, North Isle and South Isle, with further outlying isles known as the Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands, Bounty Islands, Campbell Isle, Chatham Islands, and Kermadec Islands.

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New Zealand is the only country with the right to put Hobbit film-related images on its money

Guide to New Zealand history

According to Maori record, the Polynesian Maori were the first settlers in New Zealand, they came and resolved there around 800 A.D and stayed pretty untroubled until 1840 when Maori chieftains entered into the Agreement of Waitangi with England.

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In the Agreement they ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria but maintained territorial privileges. Following the establishment of the Agreement, England started its first organized colonial settlement in New Zealand the same year.

Quick Facts about New Zealand

New Zealand Capital is Wellington
Languages    English / Maori
New Zealand Currency    New Zealand dollar (NZD)
Time    NZST (UTC+12) Summer (DST) NZDT (UTC+13)
New Zealand Seasons    Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall
New Zealand Country Code    64
Area    268 021 km2 / 103 483 sq mi
Voltage in New Zealand 230 V Frequency 50 Hz

10 Interesting facts about New Zealand

New Zealand recognized a state run travel and leisure division in 1901 – the first on the world.

Captain James Cook Prepare attracted the first map that put New Zealand definitely on the world.

1893 New Zealand became the 1st country on the globe to provide all females the right to vote.

Sir Edmund Hillary first man who conquered the heights of Mount Everest, he is from New Zealand

New Zealand is aspect of a 93% submerged continent known as Zealandia.

Due to its isolation, New Zealand has developed unique creature and plants.

Only three countries in the all world have two official national anthems – Croatia , Denmark, and New Zealand.

The bird varieties (species) of New Zealand are particularly different, such as alpine parrots and ground dwelling Kiwis.

New Zealand has a rate of 400 golf courses for every 40 Lakes people. It has the biggest number of golf courses in the world.

New Zealand is the home of world’s biggest flightless parrot, the oldest lizard, biggest earthworms, and smallest bats.

New Zealand is the fastest country in the world to start a business, just one day.

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