15 very strange Genetically Modified Animal Species

Scientists are doing research in the field of gender and they are trying to discover new Animal Species. We are sharing pictures of top 15 very strange Genetically Modified Animal Species

1. Snorse

This is the creature all the people afraid of snakes would die to actually come across, the snake was less scary as it could not run after you, Snorse will scare the hell out of you.

2. Slear

This blend of a sloth and a bear, making the bear with this cute little face, you can make alterations what so ever you like to have in a pet, all the pet lovers get customization.

3. Slawk

This merger of a hawk and a sloth will turn the birdish animal looks funny as it has turned the cleverness of a hawk into this funny little innocent face of a sloth.

4. Shug

This puppy face on the shark has made it irresistibly adorable; all the dog lovers would go specially deep down under the see to see if the shark goes after the bone.

5. Shorse

Bringing the shark and the horse together would create a creature that hunts all the creatures on earth ,shark was already a sea specie that had speed n hunting sharp teeth ,on ground this Shorse will make the animals run to save their lives.

6. Purse

Purse is creating after merging horse and the Pug dog, this animal if created is going to be the most loyal to man animal because both dog and the horse are loyal to humans and are most favorite amongst pet lovers.

7. Purilla

This will give the gorilla a calm nature, imagine this is going to bark or sound like a monkey, but if the nature is dog dominant then just imagine one of these with all the dog lovers or the dog lovers getting rid of the creature, all depends when these are actually created.

8. Proboscird

This creature is combination of a monkey and a bird, imagine how monkeys loved to reach the trees now they would fly to any of the tree they want to. This is an interesting blend but we need to be careful from these sharp minded birds.

9. Killer Penguin

Penguins never got the attention they always seek, but now when this created specie, having the sharp teeth factor from a shark would be standing, this picture clearly shows the evilness the penguin now has.

10. Heagle

This is the best blend of a bird and an animal, two of the aggressive species coming together, this will certainly make horse fights more interesting, which Heagle are you going to bet on?

11. Guinea Lion

This merger made the lions look so adorable will make you wan to have one in your back yard to play with, the eyes of a lion have lost the threatening effect and now have cute look as it wants to be caressed.

12. Guinea Bear

This creation will have a decisive nature the innocence on face will fool you and the large size and nature of a bear will over come the cuteness, beware animals still have got the unpredictable nature.

13. Elephuck

How this elephant is merged with a duck, giving an elephant beak of a duck makes you wonder what it is going to eat with that beak, this is hilarious creativity.


14. Elephird

This bird has a funny yet cute factor how a large elephant is converted into a bird, this has a cute face even cuter than an elephant baby himself, but no one would want to see these flying across, or even to have one of these in a cage at you back yard this will only look good in a zoo.

15. Dorse

This is craziness, horses run towards the enemy they have been merged with ducks that run with fear even when they hear a loud voice, imagine the creatures running in speed ad quacking like ducks. Indeed a hilarious blend.


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