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A Man Who Survived Without Food And Water For 70 Years.

Prahlad Jani, the awesome Yogi who statements he has not eaten or drunk and fluids, for the last 7 decades, was put to analyze, by Indian scientist, and shown his statements were sincere.

man who live with out food and water

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Born Chunriwala Mataji, Jani grew up in Charada village in Mehsana district. According to Jani, he left his house in Rajasthan at the age of seven, and went to reside in the forest.

82-year-old Prahlad Jani, who says he has live through the last seventy years on incredible nectar, poured through a hole in his palette, by a goddess, is now a verified exclusive trend. Prahlad, who was first examined, by researchers, in 2003, has now come back to the same medical center, to go through a new series of investigations.

Between Apr 28 and May 6, the amazing Yogi was supervised by 30 cameras and a team of Indian researchers. During this time he did not eat a thing, and only used water to bath and clean his mouth. He also never passed any pee or other waste. Though research revealed pee in his blatter, at one point, it mysteriously disappeared.

After the healthcare test, Prahlad Jani, who was looking as vibrant as ever, came back to his town, near Ambaji. Now researchers wish the information they have collected will tell them what creates the Yogi tick, and thus find an amazing treat that could help anyone endure in challenging conditions, without any meals or the water. “If Jani does not get his power from the water and meals, he must be getting it from another resource in the surroundings, such as light” said researcher Sudhir Shah.

In the past, people have fasted for up to 16-30 days, but they all drank normal water, every eight days, and passed pee. The situation of Prahlad Jani is definitely exclusive, and unexplainable, in the medical field. Even more amazing is that, according to the analyze outcomes (result) the Yogi’s whole body and mind are, biologically, those of a 25 years old.

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