eagles hunting prey, How Eagle hunting

How Eagle hunting

All types of Eagles eat various meats. They like to hunt animals, birds; fishes etc depend on the location where eagles live. Eagles also eat dead animals, and they will grab prey from other birds. Eagles have large, sharp talons (claws). They spread their lengthy wings and slide through the air looking for food. When they see something, they swoop down and capture their prey in their talons. Eagles use their lengthy, sharp beaks for tearing up their victim.
eagles hunting prey, How Eagle hunting
Bald eagles live near rivers and lakes. They like to eat fish. Golden eagles eat mainly creatures, from rats to small deer. Sometimes they eat other birds. The harpy eagle eats mainly rainforest creatures such as apes, sloths, and opossums.

The eagle’s eyesight is amazing. With vision about 5 times better than our own, an eagle can identify a focus on as small as a bunny up to a kilometer away. Moreover, an eagle has outstanding depth perception due to the overlap, of the right and left fields of perspective.

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