flag of canada, canadian flag

interesting and strange facts about Canada

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. Canada extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. It also reaches from the Arctic Ocean to the north boundary of the U.S

flag of canada, canadian flag

Facts about Canada

Capital Ottawa
Official languages English, French
Population 33,700,000 people
Rank among countries in population 36th
Major cities Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver
Area 9,980,000 square kilometers
Rank among countries in area 2nd
Highest point Mt. Logan
19,551 feet/5,959 meters
Currency Canadian dollar

Interesting and strange facts about Canada

Canada became a country on 1st July 1867.

Lacrosse and Hockey are national sports of Canada.

First Explorer to reach Canada was John Cabot in 1497

Canadians use more macaroni and cheese then any other country in the world.

There haven’t been mail deliveries on Saturday in Canada for the past 35 years

Marie-Louise Meilleur was the oldest person of Canada. She was born in Kamouraska Quebec on 29 of august 1880 and her death on 16 of April 1998. She was 117 years old when she was dying.

Canada has only 198 jails.

522 airports with paved runways in Canada and 931 runways are unpaved.

Canada is the globe’s biggest resource of the rare element Cesium. It is found at Bernic lake, Manitoba.

There are 459 cars for every thousand people.

Canada is home to almost half of the world’s lakes.

Map of Canada

canada map, map of canada

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