First computer in the world

Interesting facts about computer

If you like technology, you will be interested to read this post about Computer. Computer is one of the significant pieces in the world. People cannot do their work on time without using a Computer. Banking deal should be lodged with PC. The system will be disabled if there is no PC today. Here are some interesting facts about Computer.

First computer in the world

Interesting Facts about Computers

Konrad Zuse is the inventor of the first Computer on the globe. He creates it in 1936 and named the Computer as Z1. In 1939, he created Z2 as the first electro mechanical PC on the globe.

Konrad-Zuse, inventor of computer
Konrad Zuse inventor of computer

It is so easy for the World Wide Web to achieve 50 million customers only four years. A TV could achieve such number in 13 years, while radio technology was 38 years.

The first PC was the Berkeley Enterprises “Simon” which market price $300 in 1950.

The world’s first one GB hard drive was declared in 1980. It considered 550 weights and had a cost tag of $40,000.

The former to modern GPS car routing system was published in 1985. It was the ETAK GPS and used a Computer system with a dead reckoning program to get Navigate.

The first banner advertising ad campaigns was used in 1994

1 of every 8 Married couples in the United State last year met online.

By the year 2013 there will be more than 17 billion devices connected to the Internet.

Doug Engelbart was the inverter of first computer mouse in 1964. Doug Engelbart make mouse using wood.

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