Green parrots

Interesting facts about parrots and Types of parrots

Green parrotsParrots are very color full birds that mostly live in the tropics. There are about 328 kinds of parrots live on the earth, such as cockatiels, cockatoos, and parakeets. The biggest parrot in the world is the hyacinth macaw of South America, which measures 39.4 inches large from head to tail. The world smallest parrot is the buff-faced pygmy parrot of New Guinea, which is about 3.3 inches.

Types of Parrots

Cockatiels are parrots that are indigenous to Australia. They are well-known parrots because they are affectionate and can whistle and talk easy words.

Cockatiels images

Macaws are beautiful multi color parrots discovered in the jungles of Central America and South America. Macaws journey in loud, shrieking flocks. The scarlet macaws, shown here, can be as large as 1 meter.

Macaws  images

Saint Vincent Parrot

Although clumsy on the floor and in the air, this talking blue bird is a good climber. It is known as for its home range, the Caribbean isle of Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent Parrot  images

Cockatoos are parrots that mostly live in Australia and the Philippines. They have feathered crests and connected beaks and can stay up to 50 year in the wild.

Cockatoos images

Interesting facts about Parrots

Parrots also can be right/left-handed like human. While eating, parrots hold their meals in one of their feet, if the foot is right – your parrot is right-handed, if hold in left your parrot is left handed

Parrots can not eat chocolate because it is poisonous for parrot’s body

Small species of parrot lice 10 up to 15 years and large species can live up to seventy five years and older

Thousands of parrots species have become vulnerable. Countless numbers are brought to European countries and Northern America as pets. Many of these die in this trip.

Mostly American parrots are yellow and blue.

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