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amazone rainforestWhen you go to tropical rain forest you see more kinds of animals and plants then anywhere else on the Earth. Tropical rain forests are home to an amazing number of animals and plants. Rainforests cover only a small part of the earth’s surface – about 6%; bio researchers say that more then 50 % of the world animals and plants species live in the tropical rain forests. below I am going to share interesting facts about rainforests.

Rainforest animals

10 Interesting Facts about Rain forests.

Rainforests are forests (jungles) that experience a high level of rainfall.

More then 25 percent of natural medicines have been discovered in rainforests.

Rainforests used to cover 14 percent of the Planet’s earth area but due to deforestation now only cover around 6 percent.

Very interesting fact about rainforest is that in some rainforest monkeys are omnivores, eating both plants and animals.

In mostly tropical countries, only 1 tree is being replanted for every ten plants cut down The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world.

Amazing Amazon rainforest is the biggest tropical rainforest in the world. Covering (1.4 billion acres) over five and a half a million square kilometers.

Approximately 3000 fruits are found in the rainforest. Though people around the world only eat about 200 of the fruits that come from the rainforest areas.Other parts of the world still rely on this source. Indians of the area use up to two thousand fruits that come from the rain forest and there is a great potential for more.

1 and a half acres of rainforest area are lost every second. This is sad but true.

Rain forest plants Giant bamboo can grow every day up to 9 inches.

Eighty percent of Australian rainforest flowers are not found any where else in the world.

Images source Flickr By Renato Gaiga

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